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    GenCon Immortals results?

    Not sure I have seen any discussion of the tournament results? How did it go? What factions were represented and who is the Immortal?

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    Brood: 4
    CORE: 1
    Dragyri: 4
    Kukulkani: 1
    Followers of the Heretic: 1
    Forsaken: 3
    Skarrd: 5
    Outcast: 5
    Total players: 24
    Sub-Faction Breakdown:
    Unaligned Brood: 2
    Broodspawn Terrorize: 1
    Broodspawn Guile: 1
    CORE: 1
    Fire Caste Dragyri: 2
    Ice Caste Dragyri: 2
    Kukulkani: 1
    Heretic: 1
    Saint Mark: 1
    Saint Mary: 2
    Unaligned Skarrd: 2
    Skarrd Blood Cult: 2
    Skarrd Cult of Metamorphosis: 1
    Unaligned Outcast: 4
    Salt Flat Nomads: 1

    FINALS: Ice Caste Dragyri vs. Broodspawn Terrorize.

    Winner: Broodspawn Terrorize

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    I was the only Core player. Wow nice spread on factions though.
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