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    Could anyone post a picture of their CORE Banshee for scale?

    I'm looking to figure out the size of the Banshee and the TB-13 but can't seem to find a frame of reference on the web.

    Could anyone kindly post a picture of the Banshee next to a Space Marine (or similar) for scale ?

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    Hi, I do have both the TB-13 and a Banshee. The former is build and I could compare it to a standard 40k miniature, the latter however is not build yet but I could compare it after finishing it. That is, if this request is still valid.

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    Even if not, I would also love to see a comparison. There are almost no comparison pics on goggle.
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    Ok the TB-13 picture is easily done, will do it today. The Banshee one will follow after it is build.

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    Isotop has a picture of a Banshee with the rest of his Core force.


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