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    I am very interested in this game. To the point that I have already purchased a sizable force in miniatures to start with (Outcasts and Nomads). It's a little frustrating to find that there is very little community around this game, at least in my area (Los Angeles).

    I recently became interested in tabletop skirmish games like Dark Age. After some research I narrowed it down to three games; Dark Age, Malifaux and Infinity. Dark Age was my favorite. I started buying miniatures and studying the rules. I joined the forums and started asking around local game shops only to find no responses of interest or excitement for the game in my ares. There were some people playing Malifaux and Infinity and I joined those forums as well. Infinity I was immediately swept up by some very proactive players in the area and that's where my focus has been diverted.

    It's kind of sad because Dark Age is such a compelling game. When I talk about it with other people they admit they have looked at the game and like it but that's as far as it goes.

    I wonder if Coolmini could be doing more to support communities adapting the game. Infinity does seem to be better at helping communities grow with their tournament system. A lot of the local Gamers here are into preparing for and organizing tournaments and it's easy to do with packages that are available for them.

    I still plan on playing Dark Age but it is not the priority for now. Once I get to it I will build an opposing force to my current one and try to introduce the game to some friends. I just wish there was already community here for it.

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    I would recommend checking out the Samaria in Ashes facebook group, which boasts over 500+ members and has constant discussion. Just seems the meta people prefer Facebook versus the forums.

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    Thanks - I will check it out.

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