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    Hit and Run needs to be errata'd, badly

    The Hit and Run rule, at least in it's current version badly needs a re-write, because as of now it's incredibly broken.

    The rule reads as follows:

    "When this model kills a model with an attack, it may immediately gain 1 AP to Move. This move action ignores the rules for breaking free and may result in a Charge."

    Sounds great, except there's no cap on how many times this free AP can be gained.

    Anyone who's ever faced Strikes (the new versions from Forsaken, I mean) in combat knows how broken this is. Just today I played a game in which one Strike killed six Harpies single-handedly, just by hopping from one to another; the only reason he stopped there was because there were no more of my models around. And since the Strikes are the elite mooks of the Forsaken army, their AS ratings are high, meaning it's quite likely they'll strike and kill whatever they're swinging at, compounding the problem.

    If a strong, high-cost, elite character model had this ability it might be easier to swallow, but this is a 75-point elite mook. It's ridiculous that one of those guys can wipe out a third of an opponent's models in one turn.
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    It's a good ability that makes you think twice before grouping up. It's not broken just have to react to it and change your stratagem to defeat it.

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    Against someone with Hit&Run, don´t group your guys and go On Hold. When he tries to move then, shoot him to shreds.
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    Shooting? What's that?

    (I play Skarrd).

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    Don´t you have Bolas? or Toxic Mistress? or an Abomination? …….A Juggernaut?
    Ok, I see it: Skarrd have a problem with Hit&Run but this is nothing that can´t be dealt with.
    You have to be very careful with your positioning so that he can´t reach the next model after he killed something.
    "You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!"
    - Immortan Joe

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