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    New player seeking info / Kukulkani vs Outcasts Match-up / questions

    Hey all.

    I've been trying to read up on the game a bit and I read the very good thread about the general overviews of the faction as well as the rating of the factions post. Good reads both. Yet even though I've been eyeing up the rulebook a bit. I'm still a bit unclear as to what I can actually field and what not.

    Me and a friend of mine have been thinking about maybe starting this game (like we don't have enough games already as it is in Malifaux, Eden, Pulp City, Guildball) since we adore the miniatures. I've read some good and nice things about the game so far and "everybody dies" sounds like a great tagline and mentality for a game!

    So my questions are as follows.

    1. Are the Kukulkani vs Outcasts a good match-up? Or is it lopsided in one's favour? There are good and bad match-up's in all the games, would this be another or not? The ratings made me think probably not.

    2. Kukulkani doesn't have a subfaction, so they can be played as they are? Would there be a good starting point on what to get and what not to get? (my friend is eyeing up on these)

    3. Outcasts, same thing, really digging the re-sculpts a lot, I think Dark Age and especially Outcasts have some of the better miniatures out there. Would it be possible (probably would it be totally idiotic) to field Mongo + all brutes? And if not, what would be a good starting point? I see all these great miniatures but have no idea how they would and could they be used together.

    Well that's about it for now that I have. Cheers for reading.

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    First off, welcome! Always great to see more new players coming in.

    As to your questions...

    1. It depends on what you call a "good match-up." The game is pretty well balanced, for the most part. A player can take one faction army, pit it against another faction army, and (with tactics and playing the game, i.e. don't forget your Secondary Goals) expect to have a good game. Dark Age (from my experience) is more about knowing your list and abilities than trying to match a particular faction against another for the "best" advantage.

    2. Yes. I would suggest going with a starter and one or two more models. Pick the ones you think are the coolest for you, be that by stats, look, theme, etc. I don't play them, thus I don't think my opinion is the best in this particular matter.

    3. I've had success with an all Brute list (Mongo included). Again, I would suggest going with a starter and then getting the models you think are the "coolest" or best for your particular play style.
    For example, my 500 pt. list was Mongo, a Brute Anchor, a Brute Pusher, a Brute, and 2 Scuts (490 pts.). At 750, I usually added another Brute, another Anchor, another Scut and a Bully (740 pts.).
    For an all Brute list at 750, you could do Mongo, a Brute Pusher, 2 Brute Anchors, and 4 Brutes, maxing out your Availabilities (750 pts.).
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    Thank you for your answers!

    1. I meant as in is one of them considered to be off the chart on a power level, there usually is factions like this to my understanding from other games. But when I read the faction breakdown thread they were pretty even on the scales from a quick look. I guess my main point would it be that if we started the Outcasts and Kukulkani one would pretty much immediately lose. But that is not the case then?

    2. That's good, so my friend is off on a good start then.

    3. Great! That is awesome to hear! Because I really dig the Brutes. I am not super fond of the starter set for Outcasts, I like way more the new resculpted line. So if there is a resculpted starter then I might be interested? But yeah, awesome that Brute list sounds like exactly something I'd be into! Though the more models there are released for the Outcasts the more lost I get.. The Nomads look great! The Slavers look pretty cool (Frenzied and Unbound mainly) and the Brutes are freaking great. Problem is I seem to like majority of the sculpts on the Outcast side and that is going to get very expensive very fast.

    4. New question, do I need the cards / Outcast book?

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    The cards are all available in the downloads section so you could just print them out there. Only thing in the Outcasts book that isn't online is the fluff.

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    There is a guy who gets great success with Mongo plus the starter for outcast. May be a good way to start. The models in it are actually allot cooler in person over some of the pictures.

    K3 is also an easy army to start as there is not much out for them yet. There easy to pick up everything or just the starter plus other modles.

    As to power levels. In my experience this game is so well balanced because of the plates groups are us that I would not worry about anything that is to over powerd. If it is you would see it winning every tournament. I mean brood won MTI this year with Meto and ice cast close seconds.

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