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    forsaken playstyles

    hi im new to the game and was wondering what are the play styles for the different saints and there followers. thanks

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    There's a lot of different ways that each Saint can be played, owing to the wide variety of unaligned Forsaken and Bounty Hunter options. That said, I can give you a general "feel" for each Saint, though note that you've got other ways to put their specialists in armies.

    Saint Mark: Focused on "hit and run", alpha-strikes, and controlling enemy movement/attacks by putting counters on them/debuffing them. Tends to be "tricky" and his specialists are generally harder-to-hit but easier-to-wound than the average.

    Saint Mary: Takes a beating, then hits you back really hard. Lots of abilities that punish the enemy for engaging in melee, her troops, both ranged and melee, tend to want to get stuck in quickly. Generally average defensive stats.

    Saint John: Slow, tanky dudes that won't die and hit very hard. His troops tend to cost more than other specialists, but they have ways of making themselves very efficient (re-rolls for attacks, stop PS-debuffs).

    Saint Luke: Kill stuff while hidden in smoke. His troops are generally specialized to one role. His character models tend to be expensive but helpful in keeping his specialists up and running.

    Saint Johann: He gets access to some Skarrd stuff. General theme is units can damage themselves to get buffs, so very "risk/reward" based. He can run lots of low-cost troops very well.

    Saint Issac: Expensive specialist troops/robots that shoot the crap out of stuff, then shoot it some more.

    Saint Joan: Tankier vesion of what Johann does, but with a focus on more elite troops. Lots of panic inducing effects and ways to debuff enemy PS.

    Prevailers: Lots of specialist, "elite" options. Tend to be tanky and have access to some gross psychogenics. Buff/debuff oriented with some mean heavy hitters (Archangels).

    That's a very, very broad strokes synopsis. My advice would be find the subfaction you like the look of and then play with different playstyles from there. For instance, I've run tanky Mark lists that works well, despite what I said above. You've got options (which is one of the faction strengths).

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    thank you for the write up it was very informative.

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