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    Okay, never mind. Just saw the CMON Expo link and it says:

    "The Dark Age March to Immortality is a Swiss style tournament where the winner is given a plane ticket to Gen Con Indy to compete in the final Immortality Tournament!"

    I'm assuming that's for the next CMON Expo's tourney and not the previous one, in which case I'm glad the big event will be at GenCon (and ignore my most recent post).

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    Check the third line under Announcements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin8879 View Post

    Check the third line under Announcements.
    Could you copy/paste the relevant part for those of us who don't feel like clicking on strange links?

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    So I saw the news from Nova Open after some Google searching. Here's some news from CMON's website about the MTI event at Nova Open:

    "At the end of the event, the player with the most accrued points will be declared the Tournament Champion. In the event of 18+ participants the winner will also receive a voucher for a plane ticket to CMON Expo 2016 to compete in our yearly Immortals Tournament, the winner of which will work with our design staff to create a model in their likeness or of their own design!"

    So is there going to be a tournament at GenCon 2016 at all?
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    On the Nova page it does list CMON expo as the destination of the Immortal Tournament. However, this is not confirmed either on the CMON website, which still lists Gencon as the destination for MTI winners, nor CMON Expo page nor was it answered when the question was brought up here.

    It is likely it will be at the CMON Expo but I feel like it is equally likely this is still up in the air.

    My concerns as a player if it is indeed at the CMON expo is that:
    1) Many, many more players will be unlikely to attend the Expo Immortal tournament vs. Gencon (there were 18 at the Gencon Immortal, there were 8-9 at the 2015 Expo MTI?).
    2) Even if they did get the numbers up, it would likely be moreso for local people.
    3) Since CMON has put less and less emphasis on Dark Age at Gencon (booth space/events), and since the Immortal was their big Gencon thing, this means there will be little in way of Dark Age to do at Gencon.
    4) Ultimately I think all of these things factor in not helping to grow the game.

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    Yeah, I was astonished at how little there was to do at GenCon 2015, Dark Age-wise. And without Immortals, what else is there for the game? A qualifier tournament? Big whoop.

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    I will wait to Cmon or Mr. Black confirms this. I would rather have the MTI at Gencon than the Expo.
    I might be able to squeeze in Cmon expo this year. Have faith guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Core101 View Post
    I will wait to Cmon or Mr. Black confirms this. I would rather have the MTI at Gencon than the Expo.
    I might be able to squeeze in Cmon expo this year. Have faith guys.
    I'm Skarrd; faith is the quality of our sworn enemies

    In seriousness though, I will wait for the final word from Mr. Black, but the signs I've seen so far don't look good, so people can hardly be blamed for being pessimistic.

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