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    Starting Dark Age. Model Recommendations?

    Hello, friends!

    I'm thinking anout getting into Dark Age with a friend of mine. We are looking at the Outcasts and Forsaken, specifically. What models would you recommend we start with to get a good feel for the factions and the game? Maybe recommendations for starting forcelists?

    Also, if we want all of the fluff, what books do we need to pick up?

    Thank you, all, for your help and recommendations!

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    For both the starter box is a really good option, though I will say the Outcast starter has more essentials than the Forsaken one does. The Outcast also has an easier decision from there for the next step is to determine which subfaction you want to play and Outcast only has 3 while Forsaken has 8.

    As a rule though, a starter box plus a few models for your chosen faction = 500 points, which is a great level to start.

    Regarding the books, it depends on what you mean by "all of the fluff."

    Some Books to focus on:
    "Forsaken": the new Forsaken book, contains all current Forsaken models and Backstory as well as some running stories involving the faction.
    "Outcast": the same, but for Outcast
    "Fanaticism": the second most recent Forsaken book, mostly this will add some additional stories specifically involving the Prevailer subfaction.
    "Apocalyse: Forcelists": for the price, this has a ton of stuff in it. 300+ pages of unit backstory interlaced with a few stories of various factions and faction background. The single biggest source of "fluff" in Dark Age.

    I would also recommend looking into some of the older books. The Forsaken were one of the first Dark Age factions and the Outcast took part in a lot of the events involving the Forsaken "Heretic" Saint so some of these have some interesting bits you really don't find elsewhere.

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