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    Gearing Up? (Definitive 2016 Tournament Thread)

    Before you skip this thread, I know that some of you might not be in an area that has a lot (or any) CMON events or conventions.


    Whether its a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Gencon or whether you're gathering a few players for the first time for a 4 player round robin, some of the most fun I've had with the game of Dark Age is while playing in out one of the tournament formats.

    is for discussing any tournament experiences you've or set up among your friends, discussion about models or lists you'd like to try or are struggling to get working, as well as upcoming Conventions and Events you're excited about.

    (I will do my best to keep the schedules of the more popular events updated)

    *Note: As a beginner, don't be afraid to at least consider a tournament event if you are attending a Convention. You will notice that CMON may schedule 2 Tournaments (or more) at a given Convention. The first of these is usually a beginner tournament.

    While I understand if you may not yet have the nerves to tackle veterans in one of the more serious tournaments, I HIGHLY recommend you try out a Beginner tournament if able. So long as you know the basic rules, these are usually much more relaxed and a lot of fun (as well as a good way to learn).

    Dark Age Convention Tournaments
    CMON Sponsored

    Adepticon (Mar 31-Apr 3)
    Mar. 31 - Thursday
    2pm-6pm Dark Age: Beginner's Tournament

    Apr. 1 - Friday
    10am-2pm Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    Apr. 3 – Sunday
    9am-1pm Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    CMON Expo (May 6-8 )
    [TBD] *May 7 – Saturday
    THE Immortal Tournament

    Origins (Jun 15-19)
    [Dark Age Tournament unlikely]

    Gen Con (Aug. 4-7)
    [TBD] March to Immortality Tournament

    NOVA Open (Sept. 1-4)
    Sept. 2 - Friday
    10:00 AM - 02:00 PM Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    Sept. 3 - Saturday
    02:00 PM - 06:00 PM Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    Sept. 4 - Sunday
    11:00 AM - 02:00 PM Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    Dark Age Convention Tournaments
    Non-CMON Sponsored

    Captain Con (Feb 5-7)
    Feb. 6 - Saturday
    10am-7pm Dark Age: March to Immortality Tournament

    Other Conventions CMON attended last year:
    Wondercon (March 25–27, 2016)
    PAX East Apr (22-24, 2016)
    Kublacon May (27-30, 2016) [Dark Age confirmed, no tournaments]
    BGG Con May (27-30, 2016)
    San Diego Comic Con international (Jul 21-24, 2016)
    Dragon Con (Sep 2-5, 2016)
    ComicKaze ([TBD] 2016)
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    * [I'm reserving this post as a quick reference for any other tournament dates, times, locations, as they pop up]

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    One thing to keep in mind is Immortals is now at the Expo, not GenCon.


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    That was meant to be a sad face

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    I will still wait for official conformation on this. There is nothing on the CMON site or CMON expo site. I will still hope for the best.
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    Well, I saw a post on Samaria in Ashes (the facebook group) from February 2nd. Apparently, according to an e-mail one of the members got from the Dark Age team, the Immortality Tournament is going to be at CMON Expo 2016.

    Still no official word from anyone in charge though, which is extremely irritating. But going by what's available, it sounds like GenCon attendees get screwed out of Immortality :angry:

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    It's been confirmed CMON expo, although I am having a hard time seeing any schedule posted of any of their events.

    Confirmation here:

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    Yep - the first comment to that post is what he quoted on Samaria In Ashes.

    Hoo-fucking-ray. All that time painting and practicing so far? Wasted. Hours of my life I'll never get back.

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    Templecon? Warwick, RI - That's where I first saw this game and learned to play it. I think they've moved it to August.

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