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    Advice on 500pt Air Caste and Fire Caste lists

    I'm a new player looking to get started with either a 500pt Air or Fire Caste list. I want to have a playable list with no wasted models and not having a clue at this point how to go about, I'd be grateful for any advice or suggestions

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    Spirit Lord
    2 x Cinder Slave

    The first three form a solid block that moves up the table smashing things. Brimstone and pyre provide ranged support and flame tokens (multipliers for the main force). The cinder slaves use infiltrate Nd crystals to create choke points.

    Cinder slaves could be replaced by cave slyths.

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    A decent starting Air Caste list would be:
    1 Yovanka
    2 Whisper
    1 Wail
    3 Guard Slave (air)
    1 Disc Slave
    1 Slave Taskmaster

    - This list works as a beginner list but it also should work equally well both with the current Dragyri rules as well as the playtest rules being proposed:
    *NOTE -under current playtest rules this list is 600 points, and "Guard Slaves" become "Sling Slaves"
    -Yovanka is close to a "must include" model in both rulesets, insanely good for the points.
    -List concept works as a "deadly range first, then jump in for lots of attacks"
    -If current playtest rules stand up, you may want to add a couple things such as Squalls (current list including squalls would not be legal without a Soul Warden)
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    Thanks for the advice

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