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    Hey guys,

    Momentum, traction, face time... what ever you call it. How did you get it going in your area. I am working with a local store who is excited about the game. The owner likes the look of the game and will be bringing in some basic stock. I have two start sets I am painting up for demos to run and have a bunch of Forsaken, Dragyri and some K3 for when people want to get more then just a quick demo. What helped get things going in your area?


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    Wish I could tell ya, but I don't have any ideas. There's only three players at my LGS, including me, and only two of us are regulars at it. Trying to get the store owner to do anything like promote a new game is like pulling teeth, his head's so far up his ass.

    So basically, I'm with you on needing some ideas.

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    It's been hard here, it's a small town and people want to play 40K and Warmahordes. I managed to get a couple of friends playing, but we hardly ever have time to meet up and play. It's a shame, really.

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    I have to concur that the game never took root at the local store around here even though I tried to get some folks into playing it. However, I am lucky that I have an eight player local group that meets at my house every week and all of them are into it.
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