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    Toxic Cult starter list 500 pts

    Hello all,

    Could you guys tell me if the following list is playable? I ordered the models already so I hope its a decent list. If not, what would you suggest adding/leaving out?
    And I also wonder what psychogenics I should pick..

    Thanks in advance!

    Tribal Father
    Bola x3
    Toxic Mistress x2

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    It's a legal list. Kaustic is a must field Toxic model in my opinion and Bolas are too good of a deal right now and should be included in just about every Skarrd list. Personally, any time a faction has a healer I tend to take it so I find Grafter a smart pick as well.

    At 500, I usually use the following for Toxic:
    1 Father Curwen
    1 Kaustic
    1 Chitin
    1 Worm Shepherd
    2 Bola
    1 Grafter

    Some things to think about for your list. I think of spells like a sideboard and you can pick them AFTER knowing what you're opponent is playing, you don't need to preselect them. Two that you are going to use pretty much every game however is Toxic Cloud, which is your best one, and Tainted Blood because only 4 of your models are Toxic Cult.

    Second is you might be a little low on the damage side. This is usually why I include a model like a Drillhead or Worm Shepherd but I like the use of Toxic Mistresses so for you the strategy might be more of a gunline, forcing opponents to come to you. Your Bola and Grafter play is going to have to be very good, the placement of your Toxic Clouds is very important and you'll want to make sure you play very cautiously with your Tribal Father who has to stay alive and be your "front line."

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    Thanks for the reply. I do have some more questions though.
    -Do you use Chitin for the upgrade she gives to the bola? Is givving 2-3 bloas worth so much points?
    -I see the worm shepherd a lot in lists. What makes him so good? I rarely see him used with drillheads even tho he gives them a bonus.
    -Why is Tribal Father frowned upon?


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    Tribal Father
    -The Tribal Father is a really good model. Really good. If I had to give you a reason why he doesn't get played more often by people I would say that's because you can't field both a Tribal Father and a "Father" of any of the Cults. Curwen, Mayhem and Johann are also really good models and maybe outshine the Tribal Father a little bit. However, you can save some points by going with the Tribal Father and you don't lose too much potency.

    Worm Shepherd
    -For 75 points, Worm Shepherd hits really hard. 2 Attacks with Pierce, Bite Reflex with Extreme Damage. On top of that he get's a slew of other things; Bad Mojo, Superior Maintenance, Psychogenic Invoker. He's too good of a deal right now and I expect his abilities to be reduced in the future but for now he's a linchpin for both damage and utility.

    Regarding Drillheads, they are also good models. 3 wounds for 85 points is a great way to soak opponent damage, and if you have a Grafter behind them to heal it's even better. And they haev Extreme Damage. I usually don't take them at 500 points but at 750 I'll highly consider them.

    -I go back and forth on this one. Toxic Cult reads: "This model ignores Toxic Clouds." A Toxic Cloud is a persistent effect that gives a -4 to non-Toxic Cult. Personally, I like setting up the board with as many of these clouds as possible, creating dense areas where I am at an advantage. This only works though if my forces are also Toxic Cult. Bola's are, right now, the Skarrd's best ranged model so having them as Toxic Cult gives them a huge advantage - plop a cloud on them right away and it's hard for an enemy to get to them.

    Chitin isn't a bad model overall either. She has 4 AP with Duel attacks and Infiltrate and is only 75 points.

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    Thanks for the insight, Never Knows Best!

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