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    Outcasts vs Forsaken Ravages

    Hi there,

    Me and my father played some games with our fairly new acquired miniatures. I play Outcast and he plays Forsaken.
    He uses 3 Ravages and a leader (thats what you get in a blister) and I really have trouble seeing how to counter them. They seem rather tough with 18 AR and 2 hp, hit pretty hard in melee and have a powerfull ranged 8 inch blast attack.
    My father puts them together and I feel he creates some sort of death zone where ever they are with a threat range of 14 inch (6 inch move + 8 inch ranged attack).

    What are good ways to deal with this as outcast? Brutes get slaughtered trying to get to them, Pit fighters the same. The only thing i could come up with is using Wasteland Warriors to try and pull them into your own line and then charge them, but this is rather unreliable.

    Thanks for the advice!


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    It's a good discussion, to be sure. What he's doing is a sort of min/max list and a nasty one at that. Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple things that might help.

    1. Does he use a Medic or Sister of Compassion? If not, I find the Forsaken can be particularly vulnerable, especially to poke damage and slow play. Either way make sure you are using a Fixer, it is the single most need-to-field model they have.

    2. 4 Ravages represents 300 points of his force for 4 models. Do you typically play 500 points? One way to think of it is, can you squeeze more power out for the same amount of points? For sheer power, Mongo is a good bet and only 200 points. Wasteland Warrior is actually not a bad idea either so 2 more W.W. and a Scut. Those 4 models should be able to take his 4 models in most fights.

    3. The reason why Warriors should do well is that Forsaken, while they have crazy high armor, also have high defense. That means they are easy to hit. Hoj is a good pick for this. You can also employ the same strategy as your father but at greater range, as Lucky and Happy Hour both have Blast 2, Range 12.

    4. When fighting a "gunline," another strategy is to "close the gap." A fast, versatile or otherwise elusive army can be key. Infiltrating models should help you deploy forward and spread out. A model like the Slavers' Hood or Nomads' Moonless Night can be dropped in wherever, whenever. Otherwise you want to look at fast models like Oz or Manhunter that can get into the ranks quickly. Remember, they can't fire when they are engaged and the Blast Template can hit his own guys.

    5. Oh, and don't forget about making sure you are spread out and that you can go on hold. When you go on hold, after the template hits you can roll the models psych to move out of the blast.

    Keep us updated on the fight, it sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Scuts with a Bully usually works for me.
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