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    Starting Lists....

    So, I'd like to put together two starter forces, and hopefully use them to kickstart the game here. Since I'm buying the models, I'm picking the ones I like, lol. I'm looking at Salt Flat Nomads and St. John. I like almost anything out of Salt Flat and mounted St. John has to be part of the army.

    Can anyone suggest two 500 pt starter lists of models to order? My preference is for newer models as I also want the forces to be a bit of a showcase.

    Many thanks!

    P.S. I'd also consider the Fire Caste... Love the models!

    Got bored waiting....

    Saint John Mounted 200
    3x Faithful 225
    Elijah 75

    Nomads are giving me fits trying to make an even 500....
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    Well, I went ahead and ordered some models anyway. Hopefully they are balanced as I've never played the game, just read the rules.

    They are....

    St. John Mounted
    3x Faithful


    3x Wasteland Warriors
    Brute Pusher

    Here's hoping that these are fun to play against each other!

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    How did those lists work for learning the game? I'm considering doing the same thing and with those factions.

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    Yes, more feedback please!

    It looks as if I'll have to be the Dark Age Evangelist in my area, and that's OK, but I'll need 2, 3 or 4 (or more!) starting forces to use in demo games...
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    After putting on well over triple digits worth of demos now I will say that for the most part the Warbands make great Demos. Specifically, I always found it kind of neat to have a box at my table for each army I was demoing, so that after someone played it I could say, "we just played that (points)."

    Specifically, the Forsaken, Air Caste Dragyri, Outcast, K3, Core and Skarrd boxes work best in these instances.

    Now, there are a couple recent difficulties with the proposed demo armies. One being that the stats for all of them have changed or will change soon. I still find them relatively balanced however and still like 75-85% of the models inside. The other difficulty is that a lot of the models are getting redone and therefore the ones in the actually Warband may seem "less shiny" but this doesn't really bug me. Still, if you really want, just emulate the models in any of the above listed boxes using the new models and you should do just find.

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