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    Question How do you fill your hollow bases?

    Hi all!

    I'm just curious as to how you guys prefer to fill the hollow in your Dark Age bases. I'm new to it, and would like some ideas and or links to guides. I filled and sculpted green stuff for my Brood, and slightly filled them with green stuff before adding crackle paint for my Salt Flat Nomads. But now, I'm starting my Fire Caste, and have no idea how to base them differently.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I actually like using the MA plastic bases kits that CMON sells. https://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/b...ot-base-system

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    I bulk them up with scrap plasticard and then put my gravel flock on top of that. Saves gravel that way.

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    The 30mm bases I swap out with standard 30mm slotted bases. The hollow bases I'll use with models that come with cast-on bases.

    The 50mm bases I fill in with wood putty.

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    Agreed, the Micro Art bases are great- the details are fantastic and not too pricey. From what I have seen you can even fit the 30mm over the smaller bases for other game lines too. The line covers 30, 40, and 50 but not 80 which is fine because I usually like to make my own 80mm base terrain.

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    Do those micro art bases replace the base, or do they fit inside/on top of the base?

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