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    Question about bite reflex and dying counters

    I was playing a game where my Worm Shepherd was being charged by a 1 wound Brood model (don't remember which). My Worm Shepherd has the ability Bite Reflex which allows me to attack before the charge is resolved. I rolled my attacks and he failed his AR save so he went into the dying state (because of regeneration). I assumed that his activation was over since he was in the dying state but I was challenged by this. We really couldn't find any information that said one way or another. Would the Brood model be able to resolve his charge and use his remaining actions or does he lose his charge and any remaining actions because he was dying. Thank you.

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    REGENERATION: When this model activates, or at the start of the Lingering Effects Phase, it heals 1 HP. This
    model may only heal 1 HP per round from Regeneration. This model is not killed when reduced to 0 HP, instead,
    give it a Dying Counter. Models with a Dying Counter are prone, may not spend AP, and all attacks on them gain
    +2 AS and +2 PW. If a model with a Dying Counter ever loses HP, that model is killed. If a model with a Dying
    Counter ever gains HP, remove the Dying Counter. When this model loses a Dying Counter, it may immediately
    stand up for no AP cost.

    Emphasis mine.

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    Thank you very much kind sir!

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