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    Help making small (re: affordable) forces for demo play

    Hi all!

    New to the forums and the game here. My LGS used to stock Dark Age right when it was first released but, due to a lack of interest and stock just sitting on their shelves forever, they stopped carrying it (within a year it seems?). Anyway, I recently discovered the game myself and I love the rules and aesthetic. Unfortunately nobody around here plays it. I'm interested in buying two 500~pts forces to use to demo the game. However, I'm very picky about my miniatures' quality. To that end I don't like any of the faction starter boxes. They are all too low quality compared to the newer sculpts IMO. So, even if I have to pay more, I'd like to put together two demo armies using 99% newer sculpts.

    Without having actually played the game and seeing as the unit stats don't seem to be online, can anyone suggest two sort of starter lists to use to demo the game for people? Aesthetically, I like the look of the Kukulkani, CORE, Skarrd, and Outcasts the best. Not a big fan of Forsaken or Dragyri.

    I could obviously just buy random stuff that looks cool, but I'm also on a budget lol.
    So, any ideas for lists that are both cost-effective (money wise) and accessible for newbies (units-wise)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Alright so, after looking around the model selections, can anybody tell me if these would be decent as demo-ing forces?

    Keepsake x1
    Father Mayhem x1
    Puppets x2

    Lynette x(3)
    Thornwind x2
    Moonless Night x1

    And in case either of these is no good:
    Groteques x2
    Banshee x1
    Nexus x1


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    Hey I'm rather new too, but you can go on the site and get all the rules and cards and download them. Also your outcast list has multiple of characters for sure so I'd check out the rules before you order

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    Haha thanks Nooblet. I didn't mean 3 Lynette, I meant Lynette + her doggies.

    Yeah I didnt realize the cards were available. I'll have to go look at those

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    Welcome stargorger to the forum! I am new here as well but have played Dark Age a bit so maybe I can help From what I know, the new faction starter boxes sold at Nova Open and Gen Con this year are playable at 500 pts . The faction released were Forsaken, Outcast, and Kukulkani. The new boxes have re-sculpts included so you need not worry about the quality. The new Banes, Firestorms, and Coils look stunning!

    Forsaken Faction Starter:
    Warwind x1
    Field Medic x1
    Coil Diskmaster x1
    Deacon x1
    Bane Leader x1
    Bane x3

    Outcast Faction Starter:
    Warchief x1
    Fixer x 1
    Manhunter x1
    Blades x1
    Wasteland Warriors x3

    Supreme War Captain x1
    Kukulkani Warriors x3
    Harvesters x2
    Honor Guard x 1
    Ah Chu Kuk x 1

    For demo games I tend to do 300 pts which is the old warband box point value. 500-750 is decent for intermediate players and skirmish tournaments. At 1000 is where the game shines because you pretty much have all the models you need for synergy. The lists below are for 500 pts.

    Oathpourer or Caravan Keeper would be some great models to include. It would also be fun to try an animal list with herders, vrocks, and moloki (sand crocs!). You can throw in some Thornwind for ranged support with hit & run tactics. Bounty hunters such as Captain Flay, Old Ma, Jarl Ramsaur, John Carter, or Lucky can pack that much needed punch.

    Oathpourer x1
    Herder x2
    Vrock x3
    Moloki x1
    Thornwind x2
    Old Ma or John Carter x1

    You may want to look into basic units like buzzblades or bolas just to bolster your ranks of frontline infantry. They can be used to tie down enemies while your other units get into position. Puppets are great for keeping larger units alive but I would suggest a grafter as well. A buddy of mine runs (750pts-1000pts) a Blood Abomination with many puppets, and a grafter to keep the puppets alive when they take damage for the Abom. That said, since you are running a blood cult list you also have access to the Blood Reign who can give your buzzblade the blood cult ability. The Keepsake would buff all the Buzzblades.

    Father Mayhem x1
    Keepsake x1
    Blood Reign x1
    Grafter x1
    Bolas x2 or Puppets x4 depends on if you want range or resilience.
    Buzzblades x4

    Core might be one of those factions that tend to do better at larger point values. That said, I'm amazed at how resilient menial bots are. They are 2 hp for 30pts which is tankier than most units at that point value, and they can scavenge to buff themselves for each counter they pick up. You can run them in a walled formation to shield your ranged units or pick up scavenge tokens when a Menial falls. The Recovery unit is great for keeping units alive. If you want something impressive like a mostly 80mm model list at 500, you could try several tseudos with a thumper:

    Tseudo x3
    Thumper x 1
    Recovery Bot x1
    Pathfinder MK-I x1

    The faction starter box should suffice at 500pts. You could switch out the Honor Guard with a war priest for ritual casting like binding of new wounds to keep your Harvesters and Warriors alive. I'd keep the Ah Chu Kuk for some heavy hitting ranged damage. I am excited about the new models like Ixchel, Kaachika, and the Chosen of Coatlai. Instead of the warband you could do:

    Ixchel x1
    Kaachika x2
    Chosen of Coatlai x1
    Warriors x3
    Harvester x1

    You could also have 2 Warriors and 3 Harvesters for a range focused group.

    Just some ideas :P

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    Hi vortex! Thank you for all the suggestions! A very in depth reply

    I'm trying to start with just two factions and stick to ~300 points for demo games. Something quick to show people the style, rules, and kind of what you can do with the game.

    A friend of mine is going to help demo. He runs Skarrd and Kukulkani so he has those covered. To run from high-tech to low-tech I'm going to go Outcast and CORE. So for 300pts I'm thinking:

    Lynette (+dogs)
    Caravan Keeper
    Thornwind x2

    Infiltrators x2
    Grotesques x3

    I'm trying to get the cool models, because that's what's going to get people into the game. I paint professionally so, I want stuff I can have fun with

    With Core and Outcasts, are there any other units I might want to consider also/instead that might help give a good overall 'glance' at a faction and kind of different game rules?

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    Glad to be of help.

    300 would be idea for a demo game. Usually you want a good mix of melee and ranged units. Range by itself could be open to infiltrating units that could deploy near them or higher def/AR units can shrug off the damage while closing the distance.

    Ranged units have a higher chance to malfunction meaning you could end up hitting yourself, even worse with a template attack. A weaponsmith or fixer could remedy that as Outcast or Forsaken. They are also restricted by rate of fire. That means if you have a RF of 2, you can use that attack only 2 times for that one full activation.

    For the Core list you went over 300 points. Banshee (100) + 2 Inflitrator (110) + Grotesque(150) is 360. I'm basing this off the current PV on the Dark Age site.

    You can drop an infiltrator to leave you with 45 points to grab a menial bot.

    As a suggestions, you could take out all grotesques, keep 2 infiltrators and fill the rest up with menial bots.

    Banshee x 1
    Infiltrators x2
    Menial Bot x3

    The Outcast is over the 300pt limit. With your Caravan Keeper, Lynette, and 2 Thornwinds, you are at 325.

    If you want Lynette, you can drop the Caravan keeper to free up 100 points.

    You can grab a Hand of War, a Beserker, or a Dishonored. If you want more models, an Oathpourer+ Tribal warrior will allow you to still tap into the vengeance counters and scavenge ability that the Caravan keeper would give you.

    Lynette (+dogs)
    Tribal Warrior
    Thornwind x2

    You could also grab 2 Vrocks because Lynette has the herder ability.
    Lynette (+dogs)
    Vrock x2
    Thornwind x2

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    Hi there

    Yeah, I'll run through a couple 'practice' games. Should I ignore special rules for these models and just go with basic stats/attacks? Or should I try and incorporate the abilities as they come up?

    What I got was:
    Banshee 100pts
    Grotesque x2 100pts (50pts each according to the cards?)
    Tallman x2 160pts (80pts each)
    =360 pts

    Thornwind x2 100pts (50pts each)
    Moonless Night 150pts
    Lynette (+dogs) 125pts

    Thought those two are pretty close. Yes, they're closer to 400pts. Which is why I may simplify/ignore some of their special abilities for the demo. Or I can always remove a Thornwind and Grotesque.

    I picked these for two reasons: the models, and the formations. Both factions get ranged units and CC specialists. Both have a hefty 'killer' model with special abilities. Lynette gets the synergy with her dogs and the Grotesques get to show the utility of the Alpha/Gamma programs. So, IMO, if I were to walk in and want to know 'how cool can this game be', these models would make me pick it up

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