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    Iconic models?

    Hi again everyone

    New question (hence new thread).

    For this demo I'm going to run, and the slow-growth league after, I want to try and have 1 model from each of the other factions NOT being used to demo to display and, eventually, give out as prize support at the end of the league. Off the top of my head, I was thinking 1 large model, and then the rest normal 30mm guys. I was thinking:

    BROOD - Mean Jellybean
    KUKULKANI - Ixchel
    DRAGYRI - Inferno (Female)
    SKARRD - Keepsake
    FORSAKEN - ???

    Those are the models that stand out to me as good 'examples' of their armies. But, any suggestions? I've only known about Dark Age for about a month so, I am by no means an expert lol. Likewise I'm not sure what would be a good large model? Maybe the Howler? Except that he's limited to just one subfaction...hmmm....

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    Howler is actually limited to 2 subfactions, but both Mean Bean and Inferno are limited to one. Also, I'm not sure if you want to compare like to like, for example Keepsake and Inferno would really be more on the grunt side of things whereas Ixchel and MJB are commanders. Howler would be on the "big model" end.

    Also if you want to avoid segmenting out the factions, it could be difficult to "pick" something. Dragyri and Brood especially and even Forsaken do not have that many interesting "for every sub faction" choices.

    My suggestions (I tried to make all in the same category of equal viability/price range):
    For Average leader: Supreme War Captain
    For mid-level/representative: Honor Guard
    For something impressive: Coatlai

    For Average leader: Jon Woe (all sub factions, best with Meta)
    For mid-level/representative: Worm Shepherd (all sub factions)
    For something impressive: Abomination (all sub factions)

    For Average leader: (none without picking a broodspawn/any commander)
    For mid-level/representative: Pud Thrower / Pud Swarm (any sub faction)
    For something impressive: Howler (it's your best bet, Terrorize and Erradicate broodspawns)

    For Average leader: Warwind (or insert Saint of Choice, personal favorite is Johann)
    For mid-level/representative: (honestly, I'd go the 75 point Bounty Hunter route)
    For something impressive: (any mounted Saint)

    For Average leader: (Any Spirit Lord)
    For mid-level/representative: Soul Warden (no brainer)
    For something impressive: (Any Greater Elemental)

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    Actually that helps a lot, Never! Thank you!

    Alright cool. Ill go with Honor Guard, Worm Shepherd, Howler, Jack Flay, and Soul Warden

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