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    Are Resculpts a thing?

    Hi guys

    Being new to the game Ive been browsing the galleries and shop and noticed to my disappointment that many of the older sculpts look nothing like the artwork and, in many cases, are of noticably lower quality than the new stuff.

    Are there resculpts planned for older models? I mean, is that something CMON plans to keep doing? I notice there have been a few resculpts...But it also seems that all the recent releases have just been new models. Will we see more resculpts in the future?

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    Short answer? Yes.

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    lol. Good work. That was a short answer indeed

    Is there no other information, hence the short answer? Or just busy?

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    Not much information on long term plans directly from CMON. Recent history suggests they are going through the various factions and resculpting the older models as they update rule sets. Dragyri are due out soon and the slaves (some of the oldest models in the game) have been redone. Brood were noticeably absent from the CMON convention display cases this summer so I am hoping they are up next for a refresh but that is just conjecture on my part.

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    If you have seen the display for Dark Age at expos, much of the Forsaken lines have received a resculpt such as the Firestorms, Coils, Banes, Field Medic, Flense, and Warwind. The Dragryi Ice Caste received some new sculpts for the new 2 player starter box that comes with Saint Isaac. There a rumors that Air Caste might get resculpts too. The Outcast received some love with their Warchief, and Wasteland Warriors. I believe Skarrd or Brood will be coming soon, so we'll see about that

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    Resculpts are usually done when a Faction is overhauled... In the last two years the following models have seen resculpts when their book was released:

    -Warchief (2)
    -Brutes (3)
    -Brute Pusher (1)
    -Wasteland Warrior (3)

    Bounty Hunters

    -Warwind (2)
    -Coil (3)
    -Coil Leader (1)
    -Bane (3)
    -Bane Leader (1)
    -Strike (3)
    -Strike Leader (1)
    -Sister of Compassion (2)
    -Weaponsmith (1)
    -Ravage (3)
    -Ravage Leader (1)
    -Firestorm (3)
    -Firestorm Leader (1)
    -Field Medic
    -Haniel (2)
    -Saint Johann
    -Saint Mark
    -Shade (2)
    -Junker (3)
    -Saint Mary
    -Flense (3)
    -Clergy Ann(2)
    -Judah (1)
    -Saint John
    -Faithful (3)

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    will Brood or Sakrrd be next? I mean KKK and Core are new fations anywas and Dragyri are getting some love right now. I personaly hope Brood.

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    Skarrd will be next. If you don't have the new Dragyri book you might want to get it because it will hint at what is coming in the new Skarrd book.

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    i am a little said inside now. Arpart from the Buzzblades i dont think they are as mutch in need of new models as the Brood.

    i just started and got my Oucast book today^^. But based on what i got i might pick up the others as well over time. Is there a hint for a new Cult in it?

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