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    Question How do i Play Outcast?

    Hey Guys,
    i resently odererd my first minis from the Outcast faction. I played 2 games with them. They seem like fun but i have trubble exicuting my lists idea in game. I wanted to pull in Things and smash them with my big guys. Backed up by those sweet vengeance-tokens. But i didnt rally got it off. (honestly i think is because of Poor exicution, but who knows) Is it better to Power up the big Guys with vengeance or make the litte ones more impectfull? I am a bit Clue less of what to do with the Scuts. So far they where just 3 vengeance-tokens. Sould i take them out?

    Jarl Ramasur (125)
    Oath Purerer (60)
    Brute (75)
    Berserker (100)
    3x Scuts (60)
    2x Wasteland Warrior (80)

    My Oppanend Played somethink like:
    500p Core
    Centurion (with repair something; Couldnt kill him anyways)
    Tb 13 (alpha Programm)
    3X Menial Bots(those are mean; 2hp for 30p?)

    Other models i Posses
    Mongo (tryed him ones; hes a beast; just a litte big for small Pointlevels)
    Moonless Night
    Burte Pusher
    2nd Burte
    and the Wasteland worriors are form an other Companie. One of them could stand in as a Bully with eas.

    Any Adives on my 500p list?
    Should i take out the Scuts?
    On witch models should i use my vengeance on?
    Is the Pull-Taktic valid or just a bonus?

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    I think you have the right approach but a few things I noticed off the bat. First, that is a very decent Core list for 500. He is going to pound you with that Thumper for as long as you give him the chance and his other models are pretty resiliant. Core do not play well against models with high mobility, damage and sustainability in general but they excel against shoot-ee type lists.

    The Pull idea is fine but you probably do not need Jarl for this, as you have the 2 Warriors. Jarl in 500 points is probably hurting you a bit. Mongo would be a pretty good add instead of him and the Berserker, the Pusher is a good add as he gives you additional attack rerolls for your Brute (on top of the reroll for your Vengence). If you're not getting a lot out of your tokens, dropping Oath Pourer is also the next logical step. You'll have some points freed up there so as far as models you DON'T have, keep in mind that a Fixer is VERY important to consider for Outcast. For Bounty Hunters, Lucky, John Carter, and Old Ma are worth considering. For Salt Lynette + Cats and Moloki are worth keeping an eye on.

    Yes, keep the 3 Scuts. 2-3 Scuts+Fixer is something just about every Outcast player uses. As for tactics? You can't let the Core march down the middle firing at you the whole way. You need to flank and flank hard, establish power on one side or the other and make the Core move and adapt. Use terrain and cover as much as possible to hide and stay relatively spread out, but within enough distance to draw in and focus on targets. Centurion and Legionary are your main focus, kill those and his list doesn't have a backbone. For the Thumper, all you really need to do is get close enough so that he is either shooting near his own guys or else engage him with something small and quick.

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    thx man. Yes i read a lot about the fixer i just dint want him because of the model. I also feelt like i didnt have enouth mal for him to be at his best. but i probably get one at one Point. What exatly would you drop for him? I will try the pusher when it gets to 750. I will add the Pusher the 2nd Brute and Deadlock. The berserker was Pretty mutch MVP for me so i want to give him an other shot. Also if i go full Mongo i will drop the jarl and the Brute because its 200 on the nose.

    flanking sounds like a good idea. as for Mobile Units: i dont think i can get above 9'' with what i have arpart form the Jarl. (mongo maybe and the Moonless) I wasnt realy thinking about charging the thing with the big Cannon heads first but i give it a try^^ The hiding in cover just dose not work. Thats exaktly what i Tryed but the deam Thumper just shoot indirekt. It was Horrible.

    I got a lot out of the vengeance. My Brute pretty mutch oneshoted the Legionary with just 3 tokens. (As:9 Pow:8x2 Ed2!) I was just wondering if you guys think it is necassary to pump the big guys up to that level or if it would be wiser to spent them on the Warriors or even the Scuts.

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    I almost exclusively use my Vengeance counters for rerolls and usually that's something I'd reserve for Extreme Damage models but for your strategy it might be just as effective saving them for a reroll on the Pull attack (trying to pull Thumper, obviously).

    And it's definitely possible to run Outcast without fixer - The Immortal winner won without him this year - but in your situation Fixer will keep help keep those squishy models alive through a round of bombardment.

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    Its not the only list i will be up against i just posted it in case something about it dose conter my tactic hard. But you gave me good insight of what to try next time i face it ^^

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