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    New starter and starter boxes

    I'm looking at Dark-Age real close and especially the new starter boxes.
    If we ignore the fact that most are currently out of stock, what do people think of them?

    The CORE seems the best value $ wise but are the contents actually competitive or will half the box end up on the shelf never to see the gaming table?

    The Dragyri look interesting as do the Outcasts (but their box saves just a few $).
    The Forsaken could work as could the Skarrd (or at least the less S&M minis).

    Kukulkani do nothing for me aesthetically so they are out.
    The Brood look interesting but as they will be getting an update next I'm not sure I want to invest in those at this time.

    The new 2 player starter also looks interesting I'm just a little concerned about the material used.

    So - which starter box do you think is the most playable?

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    I've been tempted by the CORE box myself. I think it looks like a good value, asme with Shadow Caste. But since they've announced the Path to Glory starter I've decided to wait for that as it will give a good starting point for two factions rather than just the one.
    It helps that I've got a few old Ice Caste models laying around though.

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