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    Saint Mark 500 pt list

    Hi all, I coming back to DA. I used to play Dragyrii a couple of years ago an am now looking at starting a Saint Mark list. Starting at 500 points.

    I was thinking of running
    Saint Mark
    Sister of Compassion
    2x Shade
    3x Junker

    Thoughts? Is this a horrible St Mark list at this point level? I would really appreciate feedback.


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    That looks pretty standard. You may have issues with Malfunctions without a Weaponsmith but at 500 SoC should help you out with that.

    If you are looking for tweaks, I'd drop one of the Junkers for a Bounty Hunter (Lucky most likely), and would drop 1 of the Shades. That leaves you with 50 points or 75 if you downgrade SoC for a Field Medic. Since you can have 150 points, other adds would be a Weaponsmith as mentioned and Militia.

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    Thank you for the feedback! I'll pick up those suggestions and try them out

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