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    Outcasts Army buliding

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie in Dark Age so have some confusion with outcasts list building...

    As I understand I may take "Aligned" outcasts force. For example align to Salt Flats Nomads. In this case I may take lads from generic, Salt Flat nomads and bounty hunters lists, and furthermore I have access to "Honor of the Tribe" special rule. Is it so?

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    I think you have the right of it. Let's break down the PDF rules.

    For the Right Price: Any Outcast force may include models belonging to the Bounty Hunter faction.
    Basically, whether you play Generic, Nomads, or Slavers, you can take Bounty Hunters.

    If an Outcast force does not choose to align itself with the Slavers of Chains Barrow or Salt Flat Nomads sub-factions
    then it gains the Scavengers of the Wasteland rule.
    Scavengers of the Wasteland: At the start of each Preparation Phase, 1 friendly model with Scavenge may gain 1 Scavenge Counter.
    • Models belonging to a sub-faction cannot be fielded unless that force is aligned with that sub-faction.
    This is the "default" way you play. You do NOT have access to Nomad or Slaver specific models. You only have access to "generic" Outcasts. But you can take any Bounty Hunter. And you get a cool scavenge token rule.

    An Outcast force may align itself with the Slavers of Chains Barrow or the Salt Flat Nomads, two sub-factions of the Outcast. If it does so, it gains access to the special rules, restrictions, and models listed under that sub-faction.
    • An Outcast force may only align itself with 1 sub-faction at any time.
    Slavers of Chains Barrow
    • Tyrants of the Barrows: A Slavers force gains access to the following models:
    Under No Man: A Slavers force may not include the following models:
    If you chose to play Slavers, then you have access to all the generic Outcasts, the Bounty Hunters, and the Slaver models listed. BUT you LOSE access to brutes, Hoj, and Mongo because of Under No Man. You can't take those models if you play Slavers. You do NOT get the scavenge token rule the generic lists get, but you get a cool Panic token rule instead.

    The Salt Flat Nomads
    • Followers of the Tribe: A Nomads force gains access to the following models:
    If you chose to play Nomads, you can take the listed Nomad models, plus generic Outcasts, plus Bounty Hunters. But you cannot take Slavers. You don't get the generic scavenge token ability, and you don't get the Slaver Panic ability, but you do get the Honor of the Tribe rule instead.

    Note that you can make a Slaver list with no Slaver models, or a Nomad list with no Nomad models, and still align with those factions to get the rule you want. So long as the list does not include forbidden models, like with Slavers. EG, if I took a list with JUST generic Outcasts, I could align with Nomads and use the Honor of the Tribe rule. I would NOT get Scavengers of the Wastelands though.
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    Thanx a lot! It gives a great deal of tactical and list building options.

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