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    Some help with what to buy - New Player


    Please excuse my rather long post...
    I'm looking to start Dark Age and I'm preparing to put an order through. I want to buy two factions so that I can introduce other players to the game here...

    So I'm planning on getting:
    The 2017 Master Rule Book
    Objective Cards
    The Outcast faction Starter The St Joan Starter The Bounty Hunter Team Work Box I really like the Outcasts (<3 mad max style stuff) and the Forsaken and St Joan stands out for me especially!

    Should I get two objective decks? I'll be showing other players the game...

    I'd like to maybe get one more forsaken box to fill the options out with some less specialist troops, some 50 point type models. I really like the firestorms but not sure how they gel with St Joan. Is there maybe a better option that fills a space her box units do not?

    If funds allow I might also be keen to pick up some more support for my Outcats. Either Pit Fighters, Scuts and Bully or Brutes. Any recommendations? I also noticed that Mongo is off the online store? Is he out of stock or discontinued?

    I'd be keen to pick him up too. Lastly what is in the faction specific books? Are they worth getting? I'm struggling to find an info on them...

    Thank you in Advance. I'm really excited about this game and introducing my Player base in to it here!

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    If I'm following you, you seem to be looking for St. Joan +~1 Forsaken box, Outcast Starter +1 Outcast box and a Bounty Hunter box. Honestly, that's a pretty great start on a 2 player set. But first let me answer your question on the extras.

    The rules for Dark Age are here online free in the download section, so feel free to tell people you play with they can download and print their own copy. However, if you are going to teach the game, it makes sense for you to buy the Core Rules. I usually keep a hard copy as well as a printed copy on hand. Dark Age really shines when you play it with objectives, so knowing the primary objectives and having at least 2 copies of objective decks is important (but it's up to you if you want to buy them, I've both bought and printed multiple decks myself... they work equally well sleeved.) Lastly, I would buy at least one set of the templates.

    As for the other books, they are really interesting for the story but contain nothing needed to play the game, so admittedly the more money you save on these off the bat, the more you can use towards models to play with. There are at least a few story articles that are free, either online or in the Core rule, so read those first and then judge whether you want the faction books for further story background.

    Now for the fun part, what models to buy. First, a quick note on Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters can be played with EITHER Forsaken OR Outcast so you can get some really good value here. You can, for example, pick up the box you propose and have the Forsaken player try Phadras one game and then switch the next.

    Also I think you are right on with starting with the base faction starters. Those are really good deals and a good core force to build off of. IF you'd like to add to each equally, the no-brainer selection for the Forsaken is the "Command Box 2" (currently awaiting restock). Now, a fair warning, these are not flashy models. But the box single-handedly contains some of the most played Forsaken models, because it contains all of the utility models.

    For Outcast, there are a lot of different directions you could go and, just like with Forsaken, most people look towards building off of one of the subfactions. Either the "Salt Flat Nomads Leadership Box" or the "Chains Barrow Slavers Leadership Box" initially catch my eye. However, if you want to stay with the Outcast Base faction, I'd wait for the restock of either "Outcast Command Box 1" or "Command Box 2."

    So, for a side by side comparison, something like the following:

    Outcast Scavenger Faction Starter – $60 – Warchief, Manhunter Fixer, Blades, Wasteland Warriors (3)
    (one of the following)
    • Outcast Command Box 1 – $50 – Hoj, Brute Pusher, Manhunter, Oz
    • Outcast Command Box 2 – $55 – Fixer, Mongo, Warchief, Happy Hour
    • Chains Barrow Slavers Leadership Box - $60 – The Warden, Bonner Spyte, Aja, Devon, Finn Deadeye, Hood
    • Salt Flat Nomads Leadership Box - $55 - Bendharin Durshe, Kane, Moonless Night, Lynette, Ideo, Vox

    Forsaken Saint Joan Faction Box – $80 – Saint Joan, The Furies (3), Death Knights (2), Sin Eaters (2), Inquisitor, The Grey Lady
    Forsaken Command Box 2 – $40 – Warwind A, Sister of Compassion, Weaponsmith, Field Medic

    Bounty Hunter:
    The Bounty Hunter Team Work Box – $40 – Lucky, Phadras, Maximo, Nathanial, Orchid

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    Thanks so much, very helpful!

    Any idea when or how regularly restocks happen on the web store?

    Also, can you use more than one Fixer, manhunter and Warchief? What does the 1[500] mean on the card? Does that mean you can use one per 500 points? Maybe it's just better to buy the Command Box 2 and a Box of Wasteland Warriors?
    Forsaken Command Box 2 sounds perfect! I will look out for that as well.

    Can't wait to get my models and get going!


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    You could always go to their site and send them a customer service question regarding restocks, I'd think they'd get back to you fairly quickly.

    Otherwise, 1[500] means you can only field 1 unless you play at 1000 points or more. As a beginner into the game, I wouldn't plan beyond 500-750 points to start, as this gives you plenty of room to try things out already.

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