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    Back to Dark Age!

    Hi all!
    Old player here, coming back to DA after a prolonged absence (due to absence of players in my area). But things are going to change it seems, and I may be able to take the Heretic (and his "skarrd" version) to the field again!

    Anyway, I tried to gather as much information as possible on the new factions and release "format" (boxes instead of single blisters) and I got a couple of questions.. is the dexus in the new Heretic box a new sculpt? It seems pretty different to the version I have

    Furthermore, anyone in the knowing could say whether the future Father Johann box will have? I am likely going to buy it (if the Papa Johann is resculpted) but I am afraid the other minis in the box would be the same as in the Heretic box..

    Looking forward to the resculpt of the skarrd (and long needed resculpts and revamping of the Brood!)

    Great moment to be back to DA!!!

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    Hi, where in Italy are you? I have models from a few factions, but no active player around...
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