Hi there folks

If not today, really soon I shall be recieving a box filled with Dark Age. I picked up one of everything for Slavers, and the St Joan starter.
The Slavers, as my likely playing companion LOVES mercenaries so it HAD to be Outcasts, Slavers because I liked the models, rather Mad Max feel to them. He won't mind anyway. St Joan on the other hand, simply because I never heard of her (in my very limited insight into the game) and my beautiful Kukulkani were all sold out....

I've watched to death the Guerilla Wargaming vids regarding Dark Age, used company assets to get the rulebook (Master 2017) and secondary objectives so I'm kitted out.

However as I'm gonna be a teacher, what can you guys tell me about what to expect from these forces? I have a feeling it's a very odd match-up but it's temporary until he likes it to stay, and or I get my K3. Plus (although unlikely as there isn't many if any DA players in my meta, likely never heard of it to be honest) there wasn't really gonna be a perfect match up.

Any and all help would be appreciated, and glad to be part of the fold (Hopefully UK stock arrives soon so my wallet can cry a bit more)