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    New Scottish Player needing help

    Hi there folks

    If not today, really soon I shall be recieving a box filled with Dark Age. I picked up one of everything for Slavers, and the St Joan starter.
    The Slavers, as my likely playing companion LOVES mercenaries so it HAD to be Outcasts, Slavers because I liked the models, rather Mad Max feel to them. He won't mind anyway. St Joan on the other hand, simply because I never heard of her (in my very limited insight into the game) and my beautiful Kukulkani were all sold out....

    I've watched to death the Guerilla Wargaming vids regarding Dark Age, used company assets to get the rulebook (Master 2017) and secondary objectives so I'm kitted out.

    However as I'm gonna be a teacher, what can you guys tell me about what to expect from these forces? I have a feeling it's a very odd match-up but it's temporary until he likes it to stay, and or I get my K3. Plus (although unlikely as there isn't many if any DA players in my meta, likely never heard of it to be honest) there wasn't really gonna be a perfect match up.

    Any and all help would be appreciated, and glad to be part of the fold (Hopefully UK stock arrives soon so my wallet can cry a bit more)

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    If this is in the wrong thread feel free to point me in the better direction.

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    Apologies as I didn't really read the thread, thinking "Scottish" pertained to something more in your area.

    St. Joan and Slavers match up really well actually. Although, for newer players you will notice that the Slavers have a bit of an edge and therefore are likely to have a string of wins in the beginning, once the Forsaken player knows how to leverage their advantages it actually becomes an even match.

    On the Slaver side:
    Playing with cheap, ranged models like Warden and Slavemaster allows the Slavers to sling a ton of bullets at a distance. We call this the gunline. It can be daunting, because you're taking hits as you approach before you even get a chance to fight back.

    To complete the set however, the Outcast model Fixer is absolutely crucial. Ranged models malfunction, malfunctions are very bad, and the Fixer allows you to ignore 2 of these. Bonner Spite also gives this, so he may be worth considering as well, but the Fixer also is a healer. Making sure he is within 8" of his buddies makes for a frustrating game for the Slaver's opponent... which is ideally what you are looking for.

    If you haven't grabbed one already, make sure to consider grabbing (or Proxying) a Fixer. Also, don't forget Bounty Hunters. The AWESOME thing about Bounty Hunters, if you find players to play both Outcast and Forsaken, is with (1) purchase, you essentially have a model for two different armies. Since BH's can be played either with Outcast and Forsaken, this greatly increases the number of different lists you two can try out. I've purchased one of every Bounty Hunter to date and have never regretted it.

    On the Saint Joan side:
    While the Joan player is going to have his hands using as much cover as he can find to try and hide from Slaver bullets, he also has one thing that can be very tough to deal with. My favorite Joan model is the Grey Lady. I call models like her 'alternate deployment' models, models that do not deploy as-per-usual. What she does is, you can place her where ever you want starting at the beginning of round 2. She hits hard, is hard to hit and otherwise can make a mess of players who like to plan and sit and let the battle come to them. In other words, she can $%^& up a gunline badly.

    Forsaken also have need of and access to a healer and Superior Maintenance to avoid malfunctions. However, they can't get this in a single model. A Weaponsmith AND a healer are REALLY, REALLY good ideas for a new Forsaken player. Some of us refer to the fact that we need to buy multiple models to get these things the 'Forsaken Tax" and it's true. Because of that, Forsaken need to make the most out of EVERY model they have.

    For Joan, this means Grey Lady, Inquisitors, Militia and anything else you feel you can fit in for the cheap and get more points out of than you spent.

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    Ah sorry about the title, being a bit to literal haha.
    Also found out the online store I use a lot is getting in a big order for Dark Age and Wrath of Kings after not having anything for it for MONTHS so I can properly get into the systems. Not sure what the stock is of yet though.

    I've managed only to get one of each Slaver boxs and the starter set for Joan, I knew to get the fixer etc but sold out sadly.

    What would be a good sized starting game and using those models would be a good idea? I'm using Joan so I don't mind being on the disadvantage.And what's a typical sized game?

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    500 and 750 are very common game sizes. I believe all faction boxes now are created at 500 and that's a good beginner size to grow from. I personally like 750 the best for competitive games, but I also started at ~500.

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    2 Games pocketed

    Well like the title, I've had "2" games of Dark age.

    Game 1 saw me use Joan against Shadow Caste. To say the least, I did well with early kills and got a couple of objectives. But eventually we ended up 2 models each. Initiative saw me try and finish the Death's Device with my inquisitor, Igniting his flaming sword saw it blow up and kill him.... oh well. Tania was then able to activate and I just remembered the Oath rule so I was hoping this now crazy chick will clean the board.... she blew herself up lol.
    So was enjoyable and had a good laugh with it. Of course we forgot things we had access to etc but a good icebreaker.

    "Game 2" was a demo to my mate and saw me use my newly aquired K3 (Thank you Dark Age facebook page, I've even been offered freebies ) against the Slavers. a 250 game with only 4 objectives, 3 by 3 and no terrain (due to time really). I drew HORRIBLE objective cards and he got all the ones he needed and when he needed it (like my game 1 but I just couldn't quite finish them) so ended up 5-0 to him. Didn't blow myself up as much this game, think I Mal'd once and saved it. But my mate was just able to critical basically when he wanted (stupid dice app... next time i'll find real ones)

    Overall loved both games, think it'll take another game or 2 for my mate to get to the same level but he liked it. Once we are comfertable we will need to use the custom decks, but not yet.

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