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    Skaard Starter Lists (Toxic and Metamorphosis Cult)


    So I'm new to the game, and I've been drawn to the Toxic and Metamorphasis cults. Fortunately/Unfortunately there are so many awesome choices I'm a little overwhelmed at creating a list. Let me know what y'all think, and feel free to tear them apart. Also, I'm using the cards from the download section. Are those the latest and greatest?

    Tribal Father
    Grafter's apprentice
    4x buzz blades (should be upgraded to Chalica)
    3x bola

    Father Curwen
    4x buzz blades
    3x Bolas

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    Skarrd gets an update soon, at Gencon I believe. While a lot of the old lists may still work, if you have something you absolutely love you may want to wait until you see some of the changes.

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    I've heard they were getting an update, however I'd like to run some proxy lists to get started. So with that in mind, any feedback?

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