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    Restocking of Starter Boxes???

    I'm trying to get Dark Age up and running at my local gaming store but running into the issue of most of the Starter Forces being "Out of Stock". Does anyone have any idea when they will be back in stock or usually how long it does take to get these back in stock? I only ask because it will be very hard to keep people's interest if they can't get starter forces to play.

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    This a really good question!

    Of course, I've no idea either, and it does seem to take a really long time for things to get back into stock as well.

    I know that CMON recently made some changes in their Warehouse, so hopefully a lot of problems associated with this are now a thing of the past.

    Of course, you should also sign up for e-mail notifications for out of stock items so you'll know right away when they're back...
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