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    2017 Skarrd Rules questions

    I'm getting back into Dark Age after a two-year hiatus, and I'm picking up the Skarrd Blood Cult again. The new rules on the cards have left me with a few questions though.

    1. If the model with the Blood Hunt psychogenic already has Commander, does Blood Hunt grant +1 to the squadlink value? For example, if a Keepsake has it, does she now have Commander (6)?
    2. Can abilities granted through squadlinking be combined? For instance, if I have a Keepsake with Blood Hunt activated and she squadlinks with a Blood Reign and four Buzz Blades, do the Buzz Blades now have both Bloodlust (granted by the Blood Reign via squadlinking) and Bleed on their weapons (granted via squadlinking through the Keepsake's Blood Hunt ability)?

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    1. I think no, because if a model already has the ability, gaining it again at a lower rate doesn't seem like it would stack. However, I can find no rules text to support this either was, so it's just a thought.

    2. I can't find anything that prevents two Orders from taking effect. They are not the same ability, so I can't see why you would not gain both.
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