Hi guys/girls!

I'm new to the game but having watched some videos and looked at the available factions/models, I really love the look of the Salt Flat Nomads. My problem is not really knowing where to start, or even where to buy them in the UK (Element Games appears to be the only place, but they don't stock most of the Salt Flat Nomads stuff...). Does anyone know of any other stockists? I would order some from the US, but I worry that I'll get charged customs fees and there'll be a long delay?

As for what I should buy, well, as I read it, I can basically run any type of troops/units so long as they are in the availability limit, and I don't go over the agreed points value? So it doesn't seem to be like in other games where I have to take a certain number of basic troops in a list etc? And there isn't a requirement for a leader per se?

I'm really loving the new model casts, so I'd like to stick to that kind of style (ie. the less old-school, cartoony style). Does anyone have any advice on what sort of things I should go for? I'm looking to go around the 500-600 points ideally as my better half is getting the 600 point St. Mary faction box and I'd like to keep things on a level playing field.

Thanks for the advice- I really appreciate it!