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    Question Core Centurion AG2 RN -

    Hello everybody! I looked throgh my Core cards, and i have noticed something strange about his second assault group. It is called shieldbush, and everithing about it is clear exept 1 thing: it has no actual RN. It is not 0, ranged, RE or ARC, is is spelled exactly as " - ", which usually means something do not have some parametr.
    So, my question is: Does RN " - " means that shieldbush may only be used as a result of Riposte abilty, or it just has RN 0 and works as usual? Thak u for opinions and advice. I would be very happy, if somebody of workgroup gives me ansver too.
    Oh, I ad I have already looked for an ansver in the rulebook and FAQ sections, and have not found anything.
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    I believe you'd have to look way back as I remember this was answered when the card first came out but yes, it should be RN 0.

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