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    Old collector coming back again

    Hey all, been an off-and-on collector of Dark Age for the last decade or so, but have never actually played a game of it. I recently bought back a small St. Luke army that I sold a couple years ago and decided to add to it with a recent purchase from CMoN (Haniel Triad and Forsaken Command box 2) and then perhaps pick up a second faction to demo around a bit while learning the rules, myself. Second faction is probably going to be Ice Caste due to the two-player starter including them, though honestly I prefer the look of the Air Caste for both Trueborn and Slaves. Currently residing in Houston, so if, by chance, there are any other players on this board in the GHA, hit me up for a game or ten.

    *edited as my follow-up question was answered today.
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    I suggest joining the Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/183757445321780/ .

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