hey,i want to pick up a new faction the Skarrd. Blood Cult in Particular. While flipping throug the rule some question formed.

1)Do multiple Incites stack?

2)How dose the Blood Hunt and Angers Enthusiasm interact with each other and the Commander special ability if a model already has the command (<1).

3) dose Angers Enthusiasm enhance the Keepsake in any way, shape or form?

Explanation: I want to utilize the new Fell Pack (making some Blood hounds) with Father Mayhem. His Psychogenics are Blood hunt and Angers Enthusiasm and a 3rd one. Commander(6) allows me to Activate him, the Keepsake, 2 Scourge, 2 Feel packs. = 4 Incites and Bleed on the Hounds. 3 attacks at As 13 (As4 + 1Charge + 8 for the incites) attack with bleed sound Pretty dirty in my Head.

4) do Charities Might/Zeal models still count as Buzz blades. I know that is how it used to work but the rules do not say so any more.

5)Can you select 2 different models for Reap Vitality? Probably yes but, i want to make sure.