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    Link from the Main Site

    Just a small suggestion, you might want to link the forums over at the main site (or if you did, make it easier to find, cause I can't dig it up!).
    It might attract a few more members, I had to do some round-about searching to stumble upon the forums and I'm sure many others won't make the effort when a simple link on the main site would suffice.

    Just an idea!


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    you're a fast guy, psi, that much is sure

    our guys are working at this right in the moment, so it shouldn't take too long for the link to appear

    good catch

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    What can I say?
    I stumbled upon Dark Age via my hunt for all things Brom! and was enraptured right away.
    Combine Brom and a mini game? It's like they got into my brain and plucked out the good bits.
    So needless to say, I'd love to see the thing take off and be promoted well, and nothing generates interest and good conversations (and a mild dose of wild flamewars!) like a forum.

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    Welcome aboard, Psi. Imagine that, Day 1 of our new forum and we nab a new guy. It bodes well for the future.

    And thanks for the observation of the forum link. We simply removed it while transitioning to the new forum. It'll be back shortly.

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    Oh, its already here to stay Psi. First rulebook just came out. Great game, great minis

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    We took the link off to make sure that the forum reset is complete. The link is now back up
    "We are not here to make history, we are here to change the future!"

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    How about a link BACK to the DA site from the forum? (^_ ^) I'm using the austere subBlack forum layout and perhaps I'm just not seeing it here.

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    awakeneddragon; thanks for the reminder. The link back to the main site is there for the two new templates (IceCaste and StMark) but totally forgot about the two "default" ones.

    It shall be so.

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    Rockin' (^_ -)b

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