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    Language specific forums

    since the old forum is gone, so is the German part of it.
    Once it was said that as soon as there are translations of the rules into a specific language there will be a language specific part of the forum.

    We do have an translation of the old rules into German, so I suggets, to put up the German part including those rules until the new ones are translated.

    Other people are interested in translating, too, so I suggest to someone responsible to post his PM or email for the contact. By the way, I could need a document including the english rules of the rulebook. Would make the translation easier.


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    I'm interested in doing the spanish translation too...


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    I am not opposed to the idea of language-specific fora, as long as they are being used and used primarily for Dark Age discussions.

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    I'm up for the Italian translation of the rules
    An Italian corner would be nice to have...even a small one could really help get more people involved.

    Maybe in the future ^^ ...

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