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    Warbands - Costs and Costs

    Looking in the online store and elsewhere, I noticed that the Warbands differ, though not radically in numbers, which I figured might possibly be to do with points balance, but I also noticed that there is a notable difference in cost between the Fathers warband say, and St. Marks.
    Is there and actual points cost difference there, so that St. Marks lot would need extras to bring upto comparable strength, or is it comparable as it is?

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    Good question (^_ ^) Originally, maybe variety and identifying primary units for the various leaders was the intent? Did DA have an alternate motive? -(^. ^)-

    It's hard to say right now without the point-cost numbers if the band sizes are equivalent. I think when the quick start stuff comes, that a lot of questions will be answered.

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    the box sets were an equivalent point value.. maybe 20-25 points in difference.. and from i can tell there won't be much difference in point costs currently either.. the main cost difference is the ammount of models to make up the point value.. with more models comes more cost..

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    Our original box set had 6 miniatures in it, then we adjusted it to 7 when it went into distribution, the only difference is one extra base troop type miniature. Some on line stores just either didn't know to update it or have old stock left. It is our fault for changing the content and not issuing a new product number.
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