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    Maybe we need to see some pictures to make an educated opinion on paint styles..

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    Yah well.
    Getting pictures onto the site will ofc require me to have a properly functioning digital camera!

    Besides. There is not really much to show off as of now. Black primed tyranids with a quick run of green drybrushing really isn

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    i was not disparaging his painting style one bit.. but you did mention that you didn't care if there were a few spots on them.. and i so delicately pointed out that less ... oh why bother i wastrying to be a tad bit funny.. and it seems i have found the room dead quiet..

    personally i don't give a rats ass how anyone paints..

    i am mearly pushing your buttons.. lol and since you did call me a sissy for my painting style without having seen it, i guess i do have the "right" to mock you as well no?

    Now of course this cannot be true. or is it.. heh :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Stunke
    Quote Originally Posted by gunslinger
    well stunke, based on your painting technique post up, is it any wonder they get forked?

    mayhaps a bit less coffee, a little more out of bed, a tad less beer and a bit more focus might find your models looking very decent?
    It would seem that you are implying that something is wrong with my painting style.

    Now of course this cannot be true.

    Please elaborate.

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