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    What makes a Saint?

    From Mercs

    By definition, is one a Saint only:

    1.) If they control a territory; AND
    2.) Have an army, which may include some special unit; AND
    3.) Have some special ability that they perhaps can extend to others (granted by god/technology/etc)

    Does the Church 'canonize' living heroes (?_ ?) Does one earn the title? Inherit it? Slay an existing Saint for it? Serve as a minor bureaucrat, work their way up, put their name on the ballot? (o. o;) *whew!*

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    As far as I know Mark just started claiming he was a Saint in order to increase his power over the people, and he was far enough away from the Prevailers to get away with it. This proved so successful that the other Saints followed suit (apart from Mary who was declared a Saint by her followers). However this is based of my memories of the background fiction that came before Genesis. I've heard that Mark's story is extended in Genesis but I don't know 'cos they haven't reached us over here yet. Anyway that's the story as I know it, maybe somebody official could confirm it?

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    I believe becoming a Saint is a matter of Charisma + Power... Saints are more like a warlord to me, than a man of God.

    So a Saint is any individual, charismatic and powerful enough to have a retinue of followers, they are like new noblemen... able to gather the masses around them, and lure them to do their bidding.

    The Prevailer church ends up supporting them, 'cause that way they can control them somehow (like sending the most bothersome to the Crusades, and those not so bothersome granting them control over some frontier region, so they act like a first line of defense.

    The Saints are champions, who's subjects are devoted to.


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    Very astute observations, both of you. Both Magpie and steeldragon have captured the idea of Saints on Samaria. To Joe Public, the Saint is their icon of the church, the representative of the people, for the people.

    The faith of the Saint though, that varies Saint to Saint. Mary & John for example may be very true to the Faith, whereas for Mark it is a tool to support his claim to power.

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    Mr. Burns moment

    Eeeexcellent... (=_ =)

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