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    So I've a few random figures... What's legal?

    So far I've only collected a few random figs here and there for kicks.

    I've got:

    1 Death's Device.
    1 Shadow Walker. (seems I need 2? )
    2 Whisperers.
    1 Cyclone.
    1 Ice Elemental.

    These were bought purely for looks with out any regard to the rules. Having looked over Genesis it seems I have a total of ONE legal model.

    How can I turn this into something useful in as few models as possible?

    Are the Whisperers and Cyclones restricted to the Air Caste?

    Some one slap me around and set me right.


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    Well as far as I know the death's device and shadow walker are both generic to any faction. The whispers and cyclones are air caste only. The ice elemental is ice caste only. So with just the additon of a few slaves you could put together an Air caste force.

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    1 Death's Device.
    1 Shadow Walker. (seems I need 2? )
    2 Whisperers.
    1 Cyclone.
    1 Ice Elemental.
    You can start a Ice caste army by using:

    1 Death's Device
    1 Ice Elemental
    1 Shadow Walker

    you will need to add one more Shadow Walker to make a legal squad, a Soul Warden to field the Ice elemental, and 12 slaves. That will give you around 600 points of Ice caste (not counting extra foci)


    You can do an Air caste army, although we don't yet have the forcelist uploaded as of yet, but you can use everything except the Ice Elemental.

    Also remember that you can play both castes, there is nothing that tells you that you cannot use the slaves, Death's Device and the Shadow Walkers for both armies.
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