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3-4 December 2005, Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Yep, the first for Malaysia and possibly South East Asia, and its gonna be a biggy!! 18,000 sq. ft, official airline, hotels, full media coverage etc!! They is even a mega-game with 1000 players...... the mind boggles!

There's more info at the Gaming Report:

Dark Age shall be there with Art_de_Vivre and myself running demos on Saturday and Sunday, 12 hours each day *phew*!!! The science-fiction terrain board shall be the main demo piece with St Mark's Krew going up against the Dragyri of the Ice Caste. Brood and Skarrd forces will also be there if visitors feel the need to experience the less honourable armies .

We had also planned to have a second demo board for running two games at the same time, but due to a number of problems, it looks like a display area shall replace the demo board. Something nice to help show off all the gribbly DA models (the display piece is a bit of a secret at the moment, lets just say its a bit of an experiment, and I'm still having problems with it ).

We'll post a report and piccies after the event.

Here's a rough breakdown of what else will be happening at GAMECON-1:

3-4 December 2005.
Mid-Valley Exhibition Hall.
10.00am - 10.00pm.

Highlight Event 1
"Using Board Games in Education" by Tom Vasel.
1100 - 1400.
3 December 2005.
Mid Valley Exhibition Hall.

Highlight Event 2
"Last Defense of Humanity". Mass participation 25mm miniatures tabletop game.

> Settlers of Catan International Qualifiers.
> Carcassonne International Qualifiers.
> Memoir'44.
> Magic: The Gathering Comics Corner Super Cup 2005.
> Pokemon TCG City Championship 2005.
> Marvel VS CCG RM10,000 Tournament.
> Warhammer 40K Asian Open.
> Warhammer 40K Junior Open.
> Warhammer Fantasy Open.

Non pre-registration:
> BuyWord.
> Hottest Race in the World.
> MENSA Select Challenge Circuit.

> Golden Dragon: Miniatures painting & conversion.
> 12? Action Figurines & Diorama.

Showcase & Demonstrations
> Chicken Cha Cha.
> Villa Paletti.
> Hamsterrolle.
> Pic Picknick.
> Transamerica.
> Giza.
> Ticket to Ride.
> Carcassonne.
> Cartagena.
> Niagara.
> Wings of War.
> Citadels.
> Star Wars Episode I: The Queen?s Gambit.
> Doom: The Board Game.
> World of Warcraft: The Board Game.
> War of the Ring.
> Twilight Imperium3.
> Heroscape.
> Descent: Journeys into the Dark.
> Robo Rally.
> Monsters Ravage America.
> Nexus.
> Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
> Magic: The Gathering.
> Pokemon.
> VS: Marvel Super Heroes.
> Duel Masters.
> Axis & Allies.
> Star Wars.
> Pirates of the Spanish Main.
> HeroClix.
> Dungeons & Dragons.
> Mechwarrior.
> Mage Knight.
> Ancients 15mm Punic Wars (200 BC) Republican Romans v Carthiginians.
> 1:72 Scale Greeks v Persians & Egyptians v Assyrians.
> Napoleonic 15mm Battle of Austerlitz French v Austrian/Russian.
> WWII 20mm Operation Market Garden.
> Confrontation & Hybrid.
> Dark Age.
> Warhammer Fantasy.
> Warhammer 40K.

> Lego Robotics.
> Brazilian Soccer School.
> F1 Driver Search.


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You can get more information at the event website:

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