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    Essence Vs Genesis

    Hi there,

    This is a really Noob question but will Essence supersede Genesis? Will you need both books or not?

    Just trying to work out an order to place and am not sure whether to wait for the book or Order ASAP so I can start playing.

    Cheers folks

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    just from what i've read here on the forums it will be the core rule book with all the errata from genesis it does not contain the force lists for dragyri or st mark but does contain scenarios and more. if im wrong please correct me

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    That is absolutely correct, caffeine-addict.

    If you are not planning on playing either Dragyri Ice Caste or Forsaken Saint Mark, Essence is the book you want. If you are playing either of those, you may want to get Genesis.

    However, Essence is the core rules, all errata to date applied. It has some generic scenarios...and some other stuff as well.

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    So it fixes the rules that need fixing in Genesis ? cause i sure do get funny looks when i start arguing with a book.

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    be fair mate you always get funny looks

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    i know it was a face i was cursed with, either people see me on the street and think im there best m8, which isn't so bad unless its a weirdo, or they take one look at me and want to fight me. its a curse tha tells thee

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    Oh, and so Genesis isn't perceived as the unwanted step-child, the errata will all be applied to Genesis (in one venue or another) once Essence has been released. I say one venur or t'other because it may be as a downloadable sheet or as a new print run.

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