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    Congratz, I would sprinkle pixy dust on you for good luck but I seem to have run out...

    I do still have the soul reclemation service number if you want that instead.

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    Pocket Hell
    That's great. The only thing better then the excitment of getting married is peacefull reality of being divorced. Least in my experience. Hope your peacefull reality is during your marriage.

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    Congratz yet again john ive already congratulated him on the ID gaming forums, and by txt message, and in person last night when we took him out and got him poo faced, after all hes gonna have to get him out as much as possible and drunk before it all come to a grinding halt :P, nah from what i know of his good woman shes not the type to stop him doing what he likes within reason and if its true after the marriage, keep hold and don't let go because there's not many like that out there, trust me i know.

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    Congrats to the couple!

    Quote Originally Posted by gunslinger
    here, try this on for size.. put a penny in a jar everytime you have sex the first year.. take one out for every time you have sex after that. most likely you will still have pennies in it when you both grow old and pass away
    priceless, hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkdymnd

    Congrats Addict! Hopefully she's a gamer, or at least supports your hobby!
    well she puts up with it

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    CONGRATS!!! That is incredibly awesome news to say the least!!!!
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    think me avi says it all.......... nah only jokin love andrea to bits slowly tryin to convert her to a gamer

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    Mr. Murder
    My condolences....I mean congratulations. jk ! And don't worry you've got the rest of your marriage to turn her into one.

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    Like that ever works.

    Congratulations! Marriage rocks! Enjoy the sex while it lasts (first year or so--penny thing is sooo true) and make sure you communicate, especially about money. It's a good idea to see some kind of pre-marriage counselor, like a religious leader or something. Good books to read that have helped out my marriage include: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura and The Act of Marriage by LeHaye.

    Good luck and God Bless!
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