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Dark Age demo forces
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    Dark Age demo forces

    When I return to school next semester I would like to run some demos and show off my favorite little bit of sci-fi. This means I need demo forces. So what are some of the current recomended lists for each faction?

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    I'd say non-faction specific forces would be best. It's also recomended to stick with a max of 3 different troop types. I know the classic forsaken demo list consists of a Warwind, some Banes and some Coils. A good Dragyri list is two Soul Searchers, a Death's Device, and a handful of slaves. Also good to stay away from too many more advanced rules like psychic powers and such. Just some guidelines from what I've seen.

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    plus a good rule of thumb is to stay away from any model that is over 1/3 the cost of you demo army size. Typically we run demo armies at 350 points, so don't go over 115 pts.

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