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To all of England!!
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    To all of England!!

    Hi, all i'm am trying to find what backing dark age has in the u.k, well England to be exact.
    does anyone run an official dark age uk tournement scene? (like ukcord for confrontation)
    do any of you play at regular venues, that me and a few friends could fly by to ?
    what are the best stokiests out there ?

    Cheers for you help Elvis...

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    For stockists try www.idgaming.co.uk thats where i buy and play Dark age, as for an official Dark age tournament, ive heard of none but im hoping that something will happen soon.

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    Nothing like the lads at UKCORD sadly but there are several gamers and shops. I myself only play with one opponent so not much use.

    There are games on at Salute usually and Arty Black in Wales can probably be imposed upon.

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    We do have X'Treme tournaments. The rules can be downloaded by anyone anf you don't have to be an Outcast to run one! How amazing is that!?

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