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    Post Interview with a Pud

    -------Not Meant to be taken seriously in any way ----------

    This recording was discovered in a mysterious pile of pinkish goo. St John being benevolent, as always, decided that it should be published and used as a training aid.

    Hi Harold here today we will be seeing the greatest interview ever done. I have managed to secure the privilege of interviewing the only Sentient Pud.

    H: So Mr. Pud What shall we call you today?

    N: Nom.

    H: Nom it is then. although if you would kindly not chew on my assistant. He does need those legs if only to carry my bags. I heard you encountered a band of Outcasts scavenging yesterday, How did that go for you?

    N: Ahhm Nom!

    H: oh I see. Don't worry Jason I'm sure we can find a grafter willing to fix that leg for you. So in your opinion do Outcast taste better or worse than the Skaard?

    N: Nom Nom

    H: I see and a guess Jason won't be needing that grafter after all... so Nom how do you feel the Broods resistance to St. Johns most recent push into the swamp land is going.

    N: AHHM Nom Nom

    H: I see, And on final question before we go How do you Personally Feel About ...........

    The record ends here. We can assume that Harold never had the chance to publish this on his own. St. john believed it could be beneficial to future reporters as well as a perfect example of why reporters should not be embedded in his army.

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    If there was a like button assume I jsut hit it

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