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    Question Looking for Dark Age LE models

    Hi all

    I'm looking for LE models for the Dark Age. (only not converted)
    Or just OOP models

    PM with offers
    I can trade or buy. (I live in Europe)

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    Just for your benefit, the list of LE models are:

    LE Saint John
    LE Saint Mark
    LE Sister of Charity
    LE Father Curwin
    LE Saint Johann
    LE Helexa

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    thank you

    and yes I'm interested in them

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    There's a pretty complete list of LE and OOP models here:

    Throne of Angels Video Blog - ARE YOU WATCHING?

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    Wow, a few of those older models are surprisingly good.

    I like some of the old Buzzblades more than the current ones. The Tribal Father's neat. Although the sculpt is bit lopsided, Cape!Warwind is at least fun. Bane blister #1 looks nicer than the current ones. Old Haniels look WAY cooler.

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