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    Post Bounty Hunter: Comments Thread

    I will post my comments for this story here. Feel free to do likewise.

    I will do this for my other stories as well.

    It has been awhile since I've been back here to write. There've been some changes to the world, but all that I see looks great. I've gone ahead and purchased all the books (Models later), and look forward to catching up.

    I decided to resurrect Bounty Hunter first. It seemed the most appropriate, based on what I'd seen on the site--and my automatic interest in the Core faction. Ah! Bounty Hunter was started as an experiment, told in a very-specific-style to achieve very-specific-things. Years later, I'm more interested in the VST than the VSS, so I don't think continuity remains, even after all this time.

    My toe is back in the sand.

    And it feels good and hot!

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    Welcome back!
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