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    Terrain Ideas

    Hello all! first post here for me and I need your help!

    So I just got 2 starters to start playing this wonderful game, and I realized I have an issue. I need terrain.
    I play Warmachine on the side and also have a vary degree of fantasy terrain, but what I am looking for is specific terrain i can use for Dark Age. I am stuck on how it should look, the feel of Dark Age.

    I am also stuck on the method to carry it out. There are 3 different ways I could go: scratch built, pre-made, or even cardstock. Just not sure on the company's or products I should go about doing so.

    So if you would please fellow Samarians, help a fellow out. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, criticisms, and everything else may be helpful.

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    Well it's post-apocalyptic SciFi with a touch of gothic. Most SciFi building sets you can buy will work if you make them look dilapidated. Lots of rust is a plus. Also the majority of the planet where the story takes place is a desert so if you want to go more wildernessy lots of sand, large rocks, and desert plants are good. Transporting....the same challenges apply to transporting any terrain. Just move it however you can. I've got a small carved and painted styrofoam board I use sometimes. If I have time I will post a pic for you later.

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    Take a look

    Not a whole lot of terrain on it, but kind of a general idea...
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    thanks for the pics and ideas Scolex. I got the starters, but the core rule book was out of stock at the time.

    I am still wracking my brain on which set-up to go with for the board, so many options and choices. Oh well guess I can sleep on it, maybe something will come to me.

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    Most scifi building/industrial sets should work fine. Just remember it's supposed to be a skirmish game and a lot of the action is CC oriented. Too much stuff that gets in the way or breaks up the action can get really annoying. Get a decent board that looks desertish for your base, and then just toss on a few disused fuel tanks, a small scifi building, and maybe a broken down vehicle of some sort. A good standby is cutting the tops off of Gatorade bottles, inverting them on a base, and then painting them with weathered effects to make yourself some cool silos. Don't think too hard and something will just come to you.

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