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    Question with 28mm scenery to DA/Bushida 32mm

    I made some different faction tables a few years back for WM. I had one was swamp, ice, forest/hilly , Desert & Rocky.

    Is the tables 4' x 4' best size? Some new skirmish games systems now using going 3' x 3' and 3' x 2', 2' x 2' but only use 4 or 5 models.

    Are there some buildings made buy any companies that are for 32mm?

    I can not remember but 28mm was a standard human at eye or top of head. So 32mm is only 4mm difference but If I made some building out of sheets of model plastic would I need to make larger due to the size of the larger base model 40mm and 50mm?

    Also what are the Best Crates/Drums? How big do you recommend. I can get some wooden dowel and use green stuff. I make a mold and make some.

    I will pick up some 25mm polystyrene and make a few gaming boards over the next week or so. I will take some photo's and show progress.

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    DA is played on a 4x4 and I find it to be a good size even for smaller games like Bushido which is on a 2x2 since it still gives u room for cards and stuff
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    The standard measure has always been to the eye. DA is 32mm scale which is more the default now adays in fantasy and sci-fi ranges. There are a couple of companies who make true 28mm figs, but when you hear 'heroic 28mm' it's typcially 32mm.

    I've got a few barrels by Thomarillion that I really like, Tommy makes some great accessories - you can find them here:


    I've also got a set by another company but all my stuff is packed for moving and I can't recall who made them.

    There's quite a few companies who make 28-32mm buildings like the Miniature Building Authority, TableTop World and Kobblestone. There's also the newer laser cut board terrain movement, and while I'm not a huge fan of most of the stuff out there I do like pieces from Burn In Designs and the Warmill.

    I do review quite a bit of stuff over on my video blog, for example the Bunkers from the MBA here: http://youtu.be/J6nehd34YvQ

    There's a lot of other companies like Micro Art that make building and terrain accessories that work well also, some of which I review as well.
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    The good balance of scenery between 28mm and 32mm falls right around O Scale train scenery (which is roughly 30mm). Rule of thumb, when designing terrain for that scale, think of it as one inch=3 feet in game size. So when designing medium walls, 2" tall walls will be considered Medium, while 3" tall walls would be considered Large. Doing this also makes identifying terrain size much easier for games.

    That being said, when making Levels on your terrain, every three vertical inches is considered one level, that would make a roughly 9 foot tall room, which is actually really close to room height standards, give or take a few inches.

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